Nag Tries To Get The Support of Mega Fans

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King Nagarjuna has come up with his latest film Manmadhudu 2 which was released last week and got a unanimous negative talk from the audience. Even though it is declared as a disaster at the box office, the actor is still promoting it on various media platforms. He gave a lot of interviews promoting his film from the last couple of days.

In one of the interviews, he was asked about his inspiration in the film industry apart from his dad Akkineni Nageshwara Rao. Nag immediately replied that Chiranjeevi is his biggest inspiration as he has seen Chiru inside out right from the beginning of his career and always gets inspired by the way how Chiru went on to the top position with a sheer amount of hard work.

But one is wondering why Nag has taken Chiru's name all of a sudden. He never mentioned Chiru as his inspiration till now and he didn't mention even it during the pre-release event of Manmadhudu 2. Then, why is he going gaga over Chiru all of a sudden? Is he planning to trap mega fans to get collections for his movie? Well, it looks like so.
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