NTR's Fight With Tiger Leaked From 'RRR'!

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The entire team of 'RRR' are in shock now as a crucial fight scene between NTR and a tiger in the forest. Responding quickly to the situation, the team is trying to take down the leaked videos on the basis of copyright issues. While most of the videos were taken down from social media, the damage has already been done.

The video reached most of the people personally which cannot be taken down and those videos are spreading like wildfire in thousands of groups. This is a very important fight scene and NTR's look as Komaram Bheem with bare body was also in the video.

The team did not want to reveal this fight even in trailers to pack this as a surprise to the audience but this leak came as a shock to Rajamouli & co. Despite taking so many precautions, some or the other video is coming out which is worrying the entire 'RRR' team. Wonder what else Rajamouli needs to do in order to prevent these things from happening.
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