Birthday Special: Jai NTR...CM NTR!

Various videos of Nandamuri Fans hungama have been doing rounds on social media on the eve of Jr NTR's birthday (May 20th).

In a video, Large Number of Fans were seen running towards NTR who came to meet them. Immediately, Security Personnel got alerted and tried to maintain a safe distance.

In an another video, Tarak was seen waving to the fans by standing on the seat of his swanky car. A Guy wearing red shirt came so close to Jr, hugged him and even got a selfie. The Actor was so kind to move in such a manner with a stranger.

Last but not the least, NTR was seen waving his hand to the crowd cheering for him in front of his house. Bandage to the right hand gives a feeling that he is yet to recover completely from the injury.

Fans began shouting 'Jai NTR...CM NTR' upon spotting Tarak. That shows how they wish to see NTR in future.