Who Gets Your Best Rating As Bigg Boss Telugu Host?

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Bigg Boss Telugu saw three different heroes hosting three different seasons in their own style. To determine who is the best, we need to look at what they did and how they performed. Let's dig into those details



He was coming on TV for the first time and people were amazed by his wit and simplicity coupled with friendly nature. Not many knew about him that much, previously.

Contestants did not try to gain inspiration from other languages. The 70 day short and swift season had best creative tasks and contestants who were original in their approach to the game.

After following a script in the first episode, NTR took constant decision to try and include his own personal inputs on spot like a good host.

NTR was highly funny and charismatic.


NTR was a bit hyperactive, which at times did not reflect as he intended.



He tried to behave like himself as a host too. That is the best quality for any anchor/host.

He had a ease with all the contestants and was witty.


He couldn't handle the rise of one contestant as expertly as Salman Khan or Kamal Hassan in other languages.

Going by writers and directors input to run the show in one way, he couldn't really find a balance between attack and stating an opinion. He did better as the season came to an end, but this was a drawback for him that really made audiences turn on him.

His stand on certain issues seemed to tilt favourable towards the people whom he knew outside more and that made him give more explanations on show, when they were not needed.

There was a genuine vibe of fatigue and loss of interest in his attitude by the end of the season.



He has his own charm to get audiences glue to the screen.

He saw the show not go over controversial after the second season.

His genuine vibe of a friendly person.


His over dependence on script and director inputs.

A bit more willingness to give ladies benefit of doubt over male contestants.

Hate towards confrontation. When people genuinely wanted to see him take a class of the contestants, his unwillingness to give those issues any time and quick to pounce on to next sequence attitude, did work against him.

He looked under prepared for several episodes and he could have easily overcome that with a dedicated team.

On the whole, looking at the three of them, NTR gets better rating but when we consider a season that has to follow highly one-sided sling shot of controversy ridden one, Nagarjuna too gets equal footing with NTR in some aspects.

The absolute best among the hosts is still NTR and he had the best of the contestants to compliment him as well. Nani got a rough season and he did went under pressure a lot more than he should have.

All of them did not get similar kind of seasons to really pick the favorite in our view but if we have to give one name, we choose NTR. Tell us your choice too.

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