NDA Shut Doors For CBN Forever: Amit Shah

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At the public meeting in Srikakulam District, Amit Shah made it clear that the doors of NDA will never be opened for AP CM Chandrababu Naidu even if he try to make a re-entry. 'NDA shut doors for Chandrababu Naidu forever. That's what I want to assure Andhrites and BJP Workers,' he told.

BJP President described Chandrababu Naidu as an opportunistic politician who always craved for power. He said: 'Naidu began his career in Congress, then moved to TDP floated by NTR to enjoy power and finally betrayed his own Father-in-Law. Upon wandering for 10 years, He joined NDA realizing victory isn't possible fighting alone and now threw the blame on Modi to retain power. At last, He joined hands with Congress which insulted Telugus and did injustice to the AP'.

Amit Shah challenged Chandrababu Naidu to draw comparisons between what NDA Govt has done to AP in the past 5 years with that of help received from Congress which ruled for 55 years.

BJP doesn't have vote bank in Andhra Pradesh. Even if TDP and BJP maintain alliance for 2019 Polls, It's near impossible to repeat the 2014 Results as both these parties have been blaming each other for the dire situation of AP.
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