NDA Inching Closer To Magic Figure: Survey

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Situation turned in favour of NDA post the Air Strikes on Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) Terror Camp in Pakistan's Balankot. Recent surveys indicate BJP-led NDA managed to improve its poll prospects riding on this wave.

As per C Voter Survey in the month of March, NDA is likely to win 264 MP Seats and Congress-led UPA manages only 141 MP Seats. Other Parties will collectively receive 138 Seats.

BJP is going to bag 220 MP Seats on its own. It's alliance partners will receive 44 Seats. If it fell short of the magic figure (272), Post Poll Alliance with parties such as YCP, TRS, BJP and MNF will take its tally to 301.

Congress might receive only 86 seats and its alliance partners will settle for 55 seats. It's tally to increase up to 226 with Post-Poll Alliance with SP, BSP, TMC, TDP, LDF and AIUDF.

Uttar Pradesh is going to decide whether NDA will form government on its own or through post-poll alliances. If the Opposition Parties (SP, BSP, Congress) contest separately, NDA is likely to win 307 MP Seats and UPA will be restricted to 139. Other Parties could collectively manage only 97 Seats. If SP, BSP and Congress contest united in UP, BJP's tally will fall from 72 seats in 2014 to 29 in 2019.

BJP is expected to win most seats in Bihar (36), Maharashtra (36), Gujarat (24), Madhya Pradesh (24), Rajasthan (20), Karnataka (16) and Odisha (12).

Congress gets strengthened from 44 in 2014 to 86 in 2019. It's gonna win most seats in Kerala (14), Punjab (12), Karnataka (9), Maharashtra (7) and 5 each in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.

NDA could receive a vote share of 31.1 percent. UPA and Other Parties manage to get 30.9 percent & 28 percent respectively.
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