Nayanthara Upset With Star Director!

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Nayanthara has a special image for herself, unlike many star heroines. Known for her superb performances, the audience expect something special from her whenever she signs a new project. But her role was completely turned into a guest role by star director Murugadoss. Her character in 'Darbar' doesn't have any importance and she is not at all related to the story.

There was a lot of criticism over making a star like Nayanthara do such a spineless role. Nayan herself was reportedly hurt by the output and even explained her dissatisfaction with Murugadoss. Usually, Nayan doesn't accept such roles and takes care that her role has some significance in the story. She did the same thing for 'Darbar' too but the director reportedly chopped a lot of her scenes on the editing table. Being a Rajnikanth film, Nayan too couldn't do anything.

Overall, it is a fact that Nayanthara ended up as a worthless character in 'Darbar'. Her fans are really angry with Murugadoss and this director is planning to satisfy them this time by doing a film with Nayan as the lead as per sources.

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