Municipal elections: Rs13,000 for every vote

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Yesterday was the last day for campaigning for the Municipal elections. Many politicals parties spent a lot of money. Every party is giving 3k to 5k to a voter to cast their vote to their party.

One incident happened in Ranga Reddy district, one political party members came to a house and asked them, how many voters are there in the house, the people said six people, then the political party leaders gave them thirty thousand and went off. After some time, Another political party leaders came to their house and asked the same question and gave them thirty thousand, after some time another party leaders came there and asked the same question, this time they requested them sating that, we can’t give more money we can give only 3k per vote and gave eighteen thousand and went off. In one day the family got 78,000 rupees. In some areas, the political leaders gave 5k to 15k per vote.
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