Municipal Polls To Be Crucial For KTR?

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The municipal polls in Telanagana have got some significance as it is expected that post the polls, Telangana IT Minister KTR will be made the party chief. KTR has successfully fulfilled his role till now as IT Minister by bringing many companies to the state.

With KCR handing over the responsibility to oversee the Municipal polls to KTR, this poll will be very crucial for the IT Minister. The political circles are citing that, KCR did this to see whether KTr can handle the elections single-handedly or not.

Being IT Minister KTR enjoys a huge following in the youth of cities if the Municipal polls go how the TRS thinks, he will gain following in the rural areas too.

Talking about the polls, KTR said the TRS will win a "lion share" in the urban local body elections.

"TRS is the only party which has been able to field candidates in every single division. And while the Congress and BJP might say a lot of things, if you look at the official numbers, BJP could not field candidates, as far as my information goes, subject to correction of course, in at least 700 plus wards divisions. So they were willing to offer their B-Forms but there were no takers," KTR said.
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