Mumbai DIG suspended for molesting a minor girl

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Where is the country going, if we get some problem with anyone we will approach the police for help. If the police become the problem, where we will go?

An incident happened in Mumbai, where a DIG suspended for molesting a minor girl and the police officers started threatening the family to withdraw the case. An FIR has been registered against the DIG in last year December for allegedly molesting a minor girl at her birthday party.

The girl went missing since Thursday night leaving a letter, that she is going to commit suicide, due to pressure on her family from the DIG. an enquiry has been ordered against the constable, who allegedly threatened the girl's father in the court.

The incident took place on the girl's birthday party last year, which was attended by the DIG, girl's father and DIG became friends, the DIG attended the birthday party for which he was not invited, the accused touched the girl inappropriately.
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