Why Mukesh Ambani Bought Second Hand Car?

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Can you expect India's Richest Man & 14th Richest Person in the World to buy a second hand car? Yes, Mukesh Ambani surprised everyone by purchasing a 'second-hand' Tesla.

Tesla Model S100D is currently registered to the Reliance Industries LTD but this reputed company is only the second owner of the four-wheeler. How did that happen? As its an imported vehicle, The vehicle was registered first in the name of the importer.

If an individual is importing a vehicle, He/She should follow a certain procedure to ensure it was imported in their name and one has to run around the offices to get the job done. Could you expect a super-rich person to do all the paper work? That's why Ambani got what he wanted through a Car Importer who takes care of all the documentation by charging a certain amount of fee.

In this method, Vehicle gets registered in the name of the firm which imports it and then it will be transferred to the actual Owner. That's how most imported car were brought to India and the real buyers end up becoming second owners.
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