Most DRS Referrals Overturned In 2019 World Cup

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International Cricket Council (ICC) introduced UDRS or DRS (Umpire Decision Review System) Referrals several years ago to reduce Umpiring Errors. In DRS, Slow Motion TV Replays, Hawk Eye (Ball Tracking Technology), Hot Spot (Whether if the Ball had touched the bat or pad) and Snickometer (Records smallest sounds produced when the ball comes in contact with the Bat or Pad) will be used to find out if the Umpire's decision should be withheld or overturned.

In ODIs, Each Team can use 1 DRS Review in the 50 Overs. While the Batting Team could use DRS if it wishes to over-turn the 'out' decision, The Bowling Team can use DRS if it wants to over-turn the 'not-out' decision. If the review proves to be wrong, The Team which choose it can't use anymore reviews in the remaining overs. If the review turns out to be successful, Then the Team which choose it could use DRS yet again in the later stages of the match.

DRS Referrals played a key role in the ICC ODI World Cup 2019. A lot of Umpiring Errors had been over-turned because of the DRS. England Umpire Richard Allan Kettleborough committed most mistakes (5) in this World Cup. New Zealand Umpire Christopher Gaffaney, Australian Umpire Paul Wilson, Sri Lankan Umpires Ruchira Palliyaguruge & Kumara Dharmasena had committed 4 Umpiring Errors each to jointly share the second spot.

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