More trouble for Minister Malla Reddy

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These seem to be troubled times for Minister Malla Reddy in Telangana. As the civic polls are round the corner, he is facing the biggest challenge in his political career. He has to ensure that the TRS wins all the seven municipalities and the GHMC divisions under him. He has the largest number of corporations and councils to take care of.

To add to his woes, he is facing dissidence from various quarters. Former MLA and TRS leader Malipeddi Sudhir Reddy is all daggers drawn against Malla Reddy and both fought in public view over distribution of tickets. Sudhir Reddy alleged that Malla Reddy was being very partisan in giving tickets. Elsewhere too, there is opposition to the domination of Malla Reddy in distributing tickets. In fact, Malla Reddy's men suffered defeat in panchayat elections due to internal opposition. Rebels against Malla Reddy's nominees have won. This time around, Malla Reddy faces bigger challenges.

Added to this, he was admonished by Chief Minister KCR for not being uptodate. When Malla Reddy wanted to know when the mayoral elections would be held, KCR chided him saying he should be abreast with the latest developments and that he should read the GOs first. It all depends on how many councils and corporations he would win for his party. If he fails, his position in KCR cabinet would be at stake.
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