Google Staff Doubt Sundar Pichai's Vision

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Shockingly, More percentage of the Google Employees doubt the leadership skills and vision of their CEO Sundar Pichai.

During the annual internal poll Googlegeist, Google Employees were asked if Sundar Pichai's vision achieves the goals set by the company. 78 percent of employees responded 'YES', but that 10 percent fall compared to the previous year.

To the question if Employees have confidence on Sundar Pichai and his Management Team to lead Google in future effectively, About 74 percent replied 'YES'. That's a decline of 18 points from the previous year.

A decline in points for other questions related to Sundar Pichai's strategies and decision making is evident.

Google shared the results of the annual poll with all of its employees to assure them that their views were taken into confidence. This year, 89 percent of the Google Employees took part in the survey. The decline in graph is certainly worrying Google, which is known for maintaining high pay, good working environment and high employee morale.

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