Mokshagna...Not Even Considering Acting!

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Not just Fans, Almost all the Telugu People expected Mokshagna to continue the family legacy by foraying into the Film Industry. However, The Nandamuri Scion seems to be having different plans altogether and this is the reason why there is no announcement about the launch pad what-so-ever.

In the recent family photograph which had gone viral, Mokshagna appeared like any other ordinary-looking individual with so much of belly fat. Nandamuri Fans couldn't believe what they were looking after watching this picture. It just gave strength to the speculations that Mokshagna isn't at all interested in choosing acting as his career even though his Grandfather and Father are most successful in this particular field.

If you could recall, Akkineni Akhil kept saying acting isn't his cup of tea for a period of time. That Star Kid didn't take much time to realize where he belongs to! Who knows, In which path Mokshagna could travel in future. Nandamuri Fans are just hoping to see Mokshagna emerge as a true successor of Nata Simha one day
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