Modi's Lord Ram vs KCR's Lord Ram

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If Narendra Modi will have his Ram in Ayodhya, Telangana CM KCR will have his Ram in Bhadrachalam.  Yes. If KCR has his way, he is going to completely remodel the Bhadrachalam temple. Not just that, he will set up  a 100-feet tall statue of Lord Ram in Godavari waters so that it could be visible from quite a distance. In Ayodhya too, Yogi Adityanath is planning a 100 feet tall idol of Lord Ram.

Yes. KCR is planning to renovate Bhadrachalam temple after completing the Yadadri temple works. Now that Yadadri works are coming to an end, he is focusing on preparing designs for Bhadrachalam temple. If KCR's plan fructifies, then the Bhadrachalam temple, which is now spread in six acres, will be extended to 45 acres at a cost of Rs 450 crore. The designs, it is being said, are already finalised and KCR had already held several rounds of meetings with key officials on Bhadradri temple.

If sources are to be believed, the contract for designing the temple would be given to Ananda Sai, who has designed the remodelled Yadadri temple. If all goes well, Bhadradri temple works would be completed in about four years.
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