Why Modi Chose To Fly On A Longer Route?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his quick-silver thinking that keeps everyone guessing. He can take decisions that appear to be very hurried ones, but a lot of thought goes into them. On Wednesday evening, the external affairs ministry shocked Pakistan by telling it indirectly that Modi would not fly over Pakistani air space for his visit to Bishkek to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's meeting in Kyrgyzstan. Though the Government initially asked for permission to fly through Pakistani air space, it later suddenly decided to go via Oman and Iran to Bishkek.

This sudden decision of Modi has shocked Pakistan, which was hoping to use this to lobby for talks with India. The decision came as a bolt from blue for them as India has clearly indicated that it was in no mood to talk to Pakistan unless it stops cross border terrorism. Modi, according to External affairs ministry sources, did not want to avail the facility that is not available to the common citizens of the country. By opting for a circuitous route, Modi may have to spend at least three to five hours more. But, this is a risk that is worth taking to show that the Prime Minister is one with the people of his country.