Who Will Be Modi's Competitor In 2024?

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Who is Modi's rival? Who is Modi's competitor? Well! The debate should be taken up only in 2024 and who says this? Narendra Modi himself. Analysing the current political scenario, he said there is no competition for him in 2019 elections and that this debate can be taken only in 2024. But Modi being Modi, he admitted that the 'No Opposition' situation holds good only for 2019 and that 2024 would have to be discussed later.

He also admitted that there could be a competition for him in 2014. The implied meaning is that the Opposition could regroup by 2024. Also, implied is the comment that there is no competition for him this election and that he would register a huge win this time. Modi himself put the number at 300 and that he would become the CM again in 2019. Whether Modi's words are mere bravado or based on sound logic will be known on May 23.
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