Modi Targets TDP Leaders Assets

Troubles are mounting for the TDP in Andhra Pradesh. First it was the bank loan evasion of MP Sujana Chowdary. This right hand man of Chandrababu's companies were raided for bank loan evasion and properties worth Rs 300 crore were attached. Sujana had to remain tied down to the raids for the whole day and has reportedly not come back to the normal even now.

The next day, there were raids on TDP money bag Putta Sudhakar Yadav's house and offices. He is a candidate too. But these raids have virtually immobilised him for a two days. These two raids made TDP leaders run for the cover. Many leaders began adjusting their accounts and got busy deleting files from their computers. Meanwhile, another bombshell was dropped when Rs 2 crore belonging to TDP MP Muralimohan's Jayabheri were seized in Hyderabad.

As if this was not enough, CM's alter ego CM Ramesh was ambushed while campaigning. The raids left him confined to his home for a day and the process is likely to continue in the days to come. As a result of these raids, the TDP leadership is worried and confused as to who will be the next . The leaders are busy setting things right in their backyard. Chandrababu too appears to be quite confused at the way the agencies are attacking the TDP leaders. They are now waiting as to who is the next in the line of fire.