Modi Says Over Ambition Ruined Chandrababu

Why did Chandrababu Naidu leave the NDA and why did he adopt a hostile attitude towards Narendra Modi? The harangue peddled by the Yellow Media would have us to believe that he has turned a crusader for special category status and walked out of the NDA as the government was not ready to accord it.

Wrong! Yes. He did not leave the NDA because of this. Hehas walked out because he grew over-ambitious. According to highly placed sources, who are privy to the recent Cabinet meeting of Modi government, Modi feels that Chandrababu wanted to become Prime Minister with the support of the Congress and the regional parties. He wanted to emerge as the consensus candidate of all non-BJP parties. It is with this aim that he had enacted the drama of special status after sailing with the same BJP for four years. ''See where is he now. He is neither prime minister nor a chief minister,'' Modi is said to have told the BJP leaders. Interestingly, Amit Shah reportedly quipped that one should be ambitious, but never over ambitious. Chandrababu can never become prime minister because he did not have the ability. It is beyond his capacity to become a PM, Shah reportedly commented.

Both the leaders reportedly told ministers that to cover up his ambition, Naidu enacted SCS drama in the last minute after sailing with BJP for over four years to come out of NDA with a dream of becoming PM.