Modi Refuses Sofa, Sits On Ordinary Chair

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Count on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to spring surprises. He is currently on a tour of Russia and at the fag-end of his tour, he attended the customary photo session with the Indian embassy staff. As he arrived at the hall, he found that the rest of the officials had ordinary chairs, while a swank new sofa was kept ready for Modi. He noticed this and asked the officials to remove the sofa. He wanted them to arrange a normal chair similar to the ones that the officials would sit in. Only then, he sat for the photo session.

Interestingly, leaders are given plum sofas to sit. But, Modi did away with the system and wanted to be like the normal person. The officials of the Indian embassy at Moscow were pleasantly surprised by the down-to-earth behaviour of Narendra Modi. The incident would not have come to light had Railway minister Piyush Goel, who was present on the occasion, not tweeted the video clip of the photo session. The netizens are praising Modi's common man approach.

Modi is currently on a tour of Russia to wrap up several important commitments and signing of key agreements with President Putin.
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