Modi Effect...Ramoji Rao Does Cost Cutting!

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Central Government imposing 10 percent additional Custom Duty on Paper Imports is worrying even Ramoji Rao of Eenadu Group. The decision of Centre has impacted Eenadu so much that the size of the highest selling Newspaper has been reduced.

Paper Bundles were imported to India from Canada and Russia on Ships. 10 percent Custom Duty on them will be a huge burden on media houses, particularly those selling Newspapers with imported paper bundles.

Eenadu Management took damage control measures. Count of Tabloid Papers has been brought down to 16 from 20. District-wise Editions were discontinued. Instead, A common page was preferred for both Telugu States. Even the Constituency Zones were reduced.

Both Andhrajyothi and Sakshi might be heading in the same path. Not just these three leading Telugu Newspapers, Mediahouses across the nation has been taking cost-cutting measures.
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