Minister Facing Problems Due To YCP MLAs

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Anantapur District is traditional known to be the stronghold of Telugu Desam Party. However, Results of 2019 Elections tell a different story altogether with complete domination of YCP. While YCP won only 2 MLA Seats in 2014 Polls, It managed to win all the seats except 2 in 2019 Elections. None of the two MP Seats were bagged by the Telugu Desam Party.

Offering high priority to BCs, CM Jaganmohan Reddy preferred Penukonda MLA Shankar Narayana as his cabinet colleague though there were other aspirants. Only one MLA from the Anantapur District managed to get cabinet berth. Naturally, There will be disappointment among the Aspirants but none of them expressed their feelings openly.

YCP MLAs in Anantapur aren't showing much interest in taking part in the programmes planned by Minister Shankar Narayana. Almost, They have been boycotting rather than extending cooperation to the Minister.

At the same time, Negativity has been surrounding Shankar Narayana. There were complaints that he is acting like a Minister of Anantapur rather than AP.

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