Narayana Group Workers Distribute TDP Money To Voters

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That Minister Narayana is Chandrababu's Man Friday is public knowledge. In 2014 elections, Narayana supplied all resources to Chandrababu to win the elections.  He was rewarded with ministry because of this. He has also did the bidding of Chandrababu as the incharge of the capital construction

This time too, Narayana is doing Chandrababu's bidding. To win the two MP seats and 10 MLA seats in Nellore, Narayana has entrusted the task of distributing. money to the voters  to the employees of Narayana Group. The employees have been divided into batches and are meeting the voters. They are campaigning in favour of the TDP and are distributing money. Three such batches working in Jenda Veedhi and Kummara veedhi have been exposed. The police recovered Rs 8.30 lakh from one such group. Meanwhile, unofficial sources reveal that the police are being pressurised to release the arrested persons. On Sunday night, most of those arrested have been let off after issuing station bail.

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