It's Srinivas Vs Srinivas In Vizag

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They were till recently the best of friends. But today, they are the worst of the enemies. They are flinging accusations at the drop of the hat and are accusing one another in the harshest possible language. Yes... we are talking about former minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao and present minister Avanti Srinivas. Today, they are washing their dirty linen in public.

Ganta recently fired up on Avanti and said he would not treat Avanti as a minister. Not to be undone, Avanti said he would not treat Ganta as a human being at all. He said Ganta was still under the illusion that he was a minister. Ganta retorted saying that he knows how Avanti Srinivas rose up in life. Avanti said he would expose how Ganta filched mess tickets during his days in Nellore.

Actually, both Ganta and Avanti were best of friends, but ahead of the 2019 elections, Avanti jumped into the YSRCP before Ganta could even plan. As a result, Avanti got an MLA seat, which he won and became a minister. As for Ganta, he had to stay put in the TDP as Avanti pre-empted him. He is now an MLA in the TDP and his attempts to join the YSRCP have come to a naught. This has led to conflict between both the leaders. Together, they both are giving tough time to the people of Vizag.
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