Millionaire Put Plane On Autopilot For Sex With Teen

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Stephen Bradley Mell, a millionaire who owns a brokerage firm in US, pleaded guilty of engaging in sexual act with a Teenager by putting his private jet in autopilot mode.

Reportedly, Mother of a 15-Year-Old Girl approached Stephen Bradley Mell to make him teach flying lessons to her Daughter. The Billionaire resorted to having sex with the Teenager by placing the plane in autopilot.

The 53-Year-Old pleaded guilty of engaging in illicit sexual act and receiving child pornography in December 2018 during the hearing.

Mr.Mell could face five years jail term upon accepting the federal charges against him. He is a father of three.

Air Lifeline is the charity run by Stephen Bradley Mell. Using it, Children in need of medical assistance have been shifted to anywhere in the US for treatment.

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