Metro Stations Burnt, Buses Set On Fire!

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Protests by the people in Chile have turned violent. The protests that began on Friday continued. The government has announced the arrest of hundreds of people who are agitating.

The decision was taken by the government to increase Metro fares. People will once again take to the streets and protest. Thousands of people turned up in Chile's capital, Santiago.

Police and the military used tear gas and water cannons against protesters in the capital, as violent clashes raged on for a third day, with protesters setting fire to buses, smashing metro stations, vandalizing shops and knocking down traffic lights.

The government has imposed a curfew and state of emergency for 15 days. This is the first time such violent agitation has taken place after the end of the dictatorship in Chile.

At least two airlines have canceled or rescheduled flights into Santiago, affecting 1,400 passengers on Sunday and Monday. The school has been suspended in most parts of the metropolitan area for Monday.

The rioting has led to the millions of dollars in damage to burning buses and destroyed metro stops, office buildings.

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