Metro Rail Staff On Lookout For 'The Most Dangerous Thing'

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The Hyderabad Metro Rail security staff is on a high alert. They are scanning everyone with utmost care to ensure that the most suspicious material is not taken into the train. They are scanning by examining the CCTV footage.

No... They are not looking for guns, arms or some explosive material. They are looking for something more problematic than these things. And that 'problematic' thing is nothing but chewing gum. With notoriously naughty young gum chewing passengers sticking chewing gum on the seats and everywhere, the Metro authorities have instructed their security personnel to check for chewing gums. If any commuter is seen chewing the gum, he is being asked to spit it off into the dust bin before boarding. With several complaints about chewing gums being stuck to the seats, the officials are not taking any chances. Removing a stuck gum is taking quite an effort. So, they feel prevention is better than cure and are stopping chewing gums from being taken into the trains.

Sticking the chewing gum to seats or places where one steps is a favourite prank of young Hyderabadis. While they seem to enjoy this, this nasty practice is giving torrid time for the other commuters.

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