Viral Pic: Melania Trump Kissing Canadian PM!

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G7 Summit happening in France is making headlines for strange reasons. We have already seen Donald Trump pulling Modi's leg over his English speaking skills at the join press conference. And now, A Photograph of US First Lady is drawing all the attention.

Melania Trump kissing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the process of greeting him became the most trending picture. Photographers captured the moment of First Lady leaning towards Canada PM for a customary kiss on the cheek. What made it even more special is the presence of Donald Trump who was standing beside his wife with downcast eyes. Who would like his beautiful Wife to kiss someone else, even if its PM?

Twitter was floored with countless tongue-in-cheek comments and funny memes. A Netizen suggested Trump to find someone who looks at him the way Melania looks at Justin Trudeau.

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