Mega Fans troll this Minister comparing him with Ram Charan!

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Ram Charan got the kick of religious offerings to God for the first time, when he travelled with Paruchuri Brothers wearing Ayyappa Deeksha Mala. Paruchuri Gopala Krishna garu shared this on his webisode of his famous memory series - Paruchuri Palukulu.

Since then, he has been wearing Ayyappa Deeksha every year. Around October November period, he dedicates himself to the God and works around the Deeksha principles on sets but follows them strictly and religiously in real life.

As per the instructions before wearing Swamy Mala, people should not wear foot wear and should not wear luxury items except for black clothes even outside, once they wear Mala.

There is only exemption when they work but not in daily routine. Some people wearing Ayyappa Deeksha don't follow these instructions and that is seen as them disrespecting Ayyappa.

Avanti Srinivas, Minister from AP is seen wearing foot wear and several luxury items while he wore Swamy Deeksha Mala. This photo of Avanti Srinivas is being trolled by Mega Fans showing Ram Charan latest photo, where he is seen walking without any footwear.

Well, as the Minister been ardent opposition to Pawan Kalyan and Mega Family, he seems to have welcomed these trolls by not being cautious.
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