Mega Daughter Takes The Glamour Route and Goes Unbuttoned!

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We usually see Bollywood star kids slipping into short outfits and going bold during their photoshoots. Appearing in revealing outfits is quite common for them but not for Telugu star kids. Mega daughter Niharika Konidela stuck to the image of bubbly girl-next-door till now which got her nowhere.

It looks like she is all set to go bold as she took the glamour route recently. She is releasing the pictures of her Mumbai photoshoot at regular intervals and the latest addition is sure to stun our Telugu audience. Niharika looks absolutely beautiful with a gorgeous smile and a free-flowing hair.

 But what attracts you the most is her dressing style. She posed in a shirt which is completely unbuttoned and she flaunts her cleavage in a blue lingerie. Her splendid smile along with this spicy show is sure to raise many eyebrows.

Her recent clicks also declare that she is ready to ooze her sex appeal as she slipped into some skimpy skirts and slinky tank tops. Let us see if these stints boosts her acting career or not.

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