Media is lying: No Sri Yesayya in TTD website!!

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After the hullabaloo over the word "Sri Yesayya" on the TTD website, it now emerges that neither the new calendar nor the TTD website has the word "Sri Yesayya." This is the figment of imagination of a section of media, said the TTD.

In a categorical rebuttal, the TTD dared anyone to prove that the word existed on the TTD website. TTD chairperson YV Subba Reddy and TTD EO Anil singhal, who jointly organised a press conference on Sunday said that this misinformation was part of the effort aimed at creating communal disharmony and incite riots. They also slammed the efforts to politicise such a holy institution as the TTD. They also threatened telugu daily Andhrajyothi for spreading misinformation and warned that they would initiate criminal proceedings against  the media house.

They said the TTD was not responsible for the mistranslation by the Google Translator software which wrongly translated the word 'Sriyainamah" as "Sri Yesayya."  They challenged anyone to prove that the word Sri Yesayya was there on the TTD's new calendar or its official website. It may be recalled that the some media houses had tried to resort to the same trick earlier too. There were false reports that crosses were planted atop Tirumala. It later turned out that they were electric posts and not crosses.
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