No Representation For TDP In Kadapa District

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In 2014 Polls, Meda Mallikarjuna Rao is the only TDP Candidate to emerge victorious in Kadapa District inspite of the support from Jana Sena and BJP. Rajampet MLA kept saying that he have no plans to quit TDP or change party for posts or monetary gains. He even thought of announcing his future course of action only after meeting Chandrababu Naidu. However, Group Wars & the ill-treatment he faced in Telugu Desam promoted him to say goodbye to the party even without meeting the TDP Chief.

Couple of years ago, TDP encouraged defections in Kadapa District for strengthening the party. The Ruling Party had only ended up damaging its reputation by doing so. The Kadapa Steel Plant episode organised by CM Ramesh has't fetched any mileage for TDP. And now, Even the lone MLA who won on TDP Ticket in 2014 left the party.

This situation wouldn't have arised for TDP had if the Party Leadership focussed on resolving the internal wars. Leaders like CM Ramesh have been claiming TDP will lose nothing with the revolt of Meda Mallikarjuna Reddy. That's not the way to treat a Leader who prevented clean sweep of YCP in Kadapa District!

What will be the future of TDP in Kadapa? It will be interesting if the TDP Leaders could confidently talk about how many seats they gonna bag in 2019.