Mayavathi's Magic for INC In Madhya Pradesh

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The election results heat is still on. Even though the results in Telangana state is like a one-sided war, it is not the same in the other states, especially in Madhya Pradesh. From time to time, the numbers kept changing giving panic attacks to all the senior politicians and the party members. The counting took place for almost 21 hours and Congress attained 115 seats whereas BJP got 108 seats in the state. It is a clear tight between both the political parties.

116 is the magic figure for a party to form the government in the state and both the parties have failed to attain this figure giving a lot of significance to the independents. The luck did not favour both the parties but Congress party high command started acting fast and already approached BSP for the support. BSP already made an announcement that they are not going to extend their support to BJP. BJP president Mayavathi is very particular about eliminating BJP from Madhya Pradesh.

As the discussions turned fruitful, BSP agreed to support Congress party which cleared the line for them to form the government. Mayavathi also announced that she would be ready to extend the support to Congress party even in Rajasthan. BSP won 2 seats in Madhya Pradesh and 6 seats in Rajasthan.

The governor requested the parties to wait until the election commission makes an announcement. Overall, the line cleared for Congress to rule Madhya Pradesh for the next five years.

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