Manikarnika Trailer: Warrior Queen's Battle!

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Theatrical Trailer of 'Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi' gives a feeling that it's a film made on a grand scale. What works against the movie is the casting of Kangana Ranaut as a Warrior Queen. The battlefield sequences could have looked much better had if the protagonist wasn't so lean and weak. Fierce Expressions of Kangana & blood stains on her face during the war looks odd. Those crucial sequences could have been handled in a better manner.

Kangana breathes life into the character of Queen Jhansi as a Wife & Mother. She, however, wasn't believable in the role of a Warrior.

'Manikarnika' has got Great Story, Pulsating Music, Breathtaking Visuals and Terrific Production Values. The impact could have been on an another level had if someone like Anushka has done the Warrior Queen part. Let's only wish Kangana proves the critics wrong after the release...January 25th, 2019!


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