Mani Sharma Seems To Be Showing Path to Juniors Again!

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When it comes to Telugu Film music, Mani Sharma, MM Keeravani proved to have most longevity than many others. After early generation, K.V. Mahadevan, Chakravarthy Ilaiyaraja and Raj-Koti era's, we saw these two dominating the charts for decades.

If 90's had Keeravani ruling the roost, 2000's saw Mani Sharma on top. Even in 2020's they have the biggest films in their kitty, even though for a decade they haven't scored for as many as they did earlier.

Especially, Mani Sharma did not have Rajamouli or Raghavendra Rao kind of directors to always come back to him. Heroes look for novelty and hence, he had to prove that he is as novel and updated as his juniors too.

In fact, he is still setting them tough competition and showing them the path. For #Chiru152, Chiranjeevi and Koratala Siva decided to shoot fights and songs, first.

As talkie part does need Ram Charan and many other actors combination to fall in place. Already, the team completed 3 fights and 3 songs shoot. 4th fight shoot will start soon.

Mani Sharma did not just give tunes quick, je even recorded them faster. When we see composers flying to different countries to compose these days, we need seniors like Mani Sharma and MM Keeravani to remind us that work needs concentration and dedication than cost, luxury and comfort.
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