Manchu Manoj Says He Will Be Back In 2020!

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Manchu Manoj had to go through huge personal life crisis for past 2 years. He seemed heavily distracted to do movies and his fans wanted to see him back in his early avatar.

He became fat and lost concentration on movies, altogether. His last releases like Gunturodu had him in regular roles and he looked really off-colour in them.

Now, after his divorce has been finalized, he seems to have made peace with the life and is ready to start newly again.

He tweeted,

"Fought many of my own fears through the journey.. Now time to end this year with a positive note... can’t wait for 2020 to announce great stuff
Be Your Own... No Matter What!
Beauty is in what you see

Btw na friend glasses Dhobesaa (I stole these from my friend *tongue-in-cheek*)"

He shared this image as well and he looks completely fresh after ages. He may do films or involve himself in politics & social work like he said before, but the actor is ready to face 2020, with more positive outlook and we hope many who are facing issues, take inspiration from him. 
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