Yet Another KGF-Inspired Crime..Video Goes Viral!

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Certain Films have a very bad influence on the public. Even Today, People talk about how 'Shiva' led to college politics and rowdism in the 80s and 90s. In the recent years, 'KGF' is one film that's been linked to several crimes happening in Southern Indian.

Some time ago, A Youngster was murdered in Thiruvananthapuram by uttering the 'KGF' dialogue 'One who arrives in a group is a Gangster...One who comes alone is a Monster'. There was another incident where a Man killed his Girlfriend while saying powerful oneliner from the Yash-starrer. And now, We hear about yet another KGF-inspired crime.

A Man assaulted his 12-Year-Old Daughter with a hammer taking inspiration from the sequence featuring Yash in 'KGF'. Video Footage of this brutal assault went viral on social media. Subsequently, Cops took the Monster Father into custody. Investigation revealed that the Man used to torture his Wife & Two Daughters as he always wanted a Son.

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