Man Steals Only Women's Innerwear In The Night

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Chennai police have launched a search for a man who have been stealing women lingerie. The man would steal ladies innerwear which left to dry.

 Residents of an apartment in Adambakam found that the lingerie of women going missing during the night time and checked the CCTV footage and found the shocking visuals. In a visual A man around 40 years covering his face with a shawl and wearing a lungi. Enter the complex compound wall. He was found peeping into the bedroom of the residence and steal the lingerie. He will make sure that all the residents were in sleep and then went to steal the innerwear.

Based on the CCTV footage the residents lodged a complaint with the Adambakam police. Police said that the culprit’s face was not clear in the CCTV footage. The police did not register any case.  

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