Viral: Man Climbs On Plane's Wing At Airport!

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A Man climbed onto the wing of a plane when it was about to takeoff. This incident which caused panic among the passengers happened at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Reportedly, The Man tried to access the cabin by jumping on the Azman Air Flight's wing. Pilot spotted him on the wing of the aircraft when he was expecting clearance for take-off and immediately turned off the engine. Later, Security Personnel took him into custody and shifted him to the security unit within the airport, Tango City. The Offender informed about his plans to travel to Ghana but didn't disclose how he gained access to the restricted area.

In the dramatic footage captured by a Passenger, Some of the Passengers were found demanding the Pilot and Cabin Crew to open the aircraft doors for them get out of it due to security reasons. 

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