Mamta Didi Ousts Chandrababu From Parliament Office Building

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Chandrababu and Mamta may have led anti-BJP alliances and may have even talked about a third front, but they are currently engaged in an interesting battle for one office in the Parliament Complex.

The office, which was in the possession of the TDP from 1984 is now being coveted by Mamta Banerjee's TMC. Every one wants this office because it is on the ground floor and is centrally located. The Trinamool, which was eyeing the same office, tried every trick of the trade in 2014 too. But, with TDP in the NDA, it was not possible. But, this time around, the TDP does not have the protection cover of the NDA. Also, it has got just three MP seats. It's strength has come down from 14 to just 3. The Trinamool Congress has got many more seats and is the fourth largest party. So, it is staking claim for the office and the TDP may be left with no option but to vacate it.  

So, the TDP joins the CPM in losing its address inside the parliament complex. The CPM, which has just 3 MPs, is also being moved to a different place this time.

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