Mamta Worried As Left Voters Shift To BJP

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Know what is the biggest worry for the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal? It is worried that the voters, who traditionally sided with the Left parties, are now moving towards the BJP. Even if 10 per cent of the Left voters, who voted in 2014, go with the BJP, it’s seat tally will increase many fold. The Trinamool is very worried over this shift of votes.

In the last phase, election are being held for nine seats, all of which were won by the TMC in 2014. But, six of these seats have considerable number of Hindi speaking people, who may side with Modi this time. This would upset the Trinamool calculations. All across West Bengal, the poll pundits have noticed that the traditional Left party voters have shifted to the BJP in the belief that only the BJP is a credible alternative to the TMC. They feel the Left parties are a spent force and there was no use voting for them. So, they are strategically shifting their votes to the BJP. Despite the Left party leaders like Sitaram Yechuri appealing to them not to vote for the BJP, the voters seem to be preferring the BJP. This will not only weaken the Left further, it will also sound death knell for the TMC.

The TMC had won 34 lok sabha seats in 2014 and wants to replicate the success. But, the rising BJP seems to challenge its supremacy.

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