Mamta Didi Does Not Trust Her Own MPs Anymore

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Prashant Kishore is in West Bengal these days. He is interacting with the Trinamool leaders as to what went wrong for the party in the recent Lok Sabha election. In the last Lok Sabha elections, the party's majority has been significantly reduced and the BJP has made massive inroads. The difference between the TMC and the BJP vote is a mere three per cent. The BjP had also won 18 MP seats clearly unnerving the TRS.

A shaken Mamta has rushed to poll wizard Prashant Kishore for help. On Thusday, PK began interacting with the MPs. But, everything is hush hush. The MPs have been ordered by Mamta not to talk about the meetings. So, those who attended the meet told the media that they were not invited to the meet or that they were having lunch with their near and dear. More interestingly, the TMC has not invited several leaders with doubtful loyalties. In fact, several TMC leaders, including MPs and MLAs are actually in touch with TMC rebel-turned-BJP leader Mukul Roy. Mukul was an organisation man with deep connections till the ground level. So, those with active link to Mukul Roy have not been invited to the meeting lest the details get leaked out.

Mamta is worried about desertions especially in view of the BJP claiming that at least 40 TMC MLAs were in touch with the party and that they could defect at any time. As a result, Mamta is doubting almost every MLA in the party.
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