Mahesh Fans Worry About #Mahesh26!

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Mahesh Babu never showed any kind of urgency in selection of scripts and completion of films. He always took his time.

His fans got used to watching him once a year and even though they asked him to do two at least per year, the actor said he gives importance to quality more than quantity.

For him, every movie should be made to become a blockbuster or a big hit. He doesn't really like average performers or doesn't care to do two films per year, which could result in one being regular and one different.

His policy led to some big disasters and now, he seems to have changed it all. He gave Sukumar ample time but then when Sukumar failed to come up with a satisfying script, he went ahead to make a movie with Anil Ravipudi.

The big thing here is that the actor and producer have decided to ask Anil to complete movie in 5-6 months which is his way of doing things.

But Mahesh did only Nijam and Business Man like that in his entire career. So, the fans are worried if Mahesh is doing the right thing or not?!

They are asking their idol to consider going by his own policy of doing the film only when he is completely satisfied than trying out something risky.

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