Mahesh Fans Want More Early Morning Shows In Telangana

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Mahesh fans eye Sarileru Neekevvaru as their star's biggest chance to create records at box office as it is his first mass commercial masala film in 5 years. They want producers to use every opportunity to increase the first day revenue.

They are asking them to go for benefit shows and late night, early morning premieres in every possible theaters in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

While the producers could secure permissions for 1am shows, on 11th Jan in AP, the Telangana Government has restricted big movies from planning benefit shows in Hyderabad majorly.

But fans are asking for producers to put pressure on the Government as much as they can, so that the first day revenues will cover up for losses on 2nd day, that too Sunday, as Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo will release on the day.

Even Bunny fans are asking AVPL producers to plan as many benefit shows as they can to beat SLN numbers or at least make a Big debut to give right answer to Mahesh fans aggression.

Anyways, fans are taking it as their prestige matter but producers, distributors are thinking about long run during the festival days and theater sharing, as both believe their film will be the biggest hit of the season.

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