Mahesh Fan Turned Into NTR Fan

Young Hero Vishwak Sen who has proved his acting capability in 'Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi' movie has recently turned into a director with 'Falaknuma Das' movie. The actor has not only helmed the project but also played the lead role in that film.

The movie got released today and have been receiving a decent response from the audience. During promotions of the movie, Vishwak Sen has revealed about his favorite hero. He stated that he used to be a fan of Mahesh Babu in childhood but has now become a big fan of NTR. When asked about the reason, instead of giving a diplomatic answer the actor has responded sarcastically and ask why he shouldn't. He stated that he has never seen an actor who can act like NTR.

''Even if I act so well, I can never say the lengthy dialogue NTR said as Yama in Yamadonga movie. No one can say it except for NTR. Even in dance, no one can beat NTR'' said Vishwak Sen.