Maharshi Is Pokiri Square, Says Mahesh

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'Superstar' Mahesh Babu along with the whole team of 'Maharshi' attended the film's success meet in Vijayawada was held there on Saturday evening. He began the speech that there's a kick in the place and it was all the blessings on Goddess Kanaka Durga. He also thanked Raghavendra Rao, who was the chief guest, for training and teaching about the character behaviour and treating him as a friend and Gururswamy for his contribution to the film.

He also shared his thoughts about the film & fans saying "The day I've started shooting in Dehradun, I've told Vamsi that this film is going to becomer Pokiri-square (Pokiri X Pokiri). And that has come true today. Salam to all my fans and my father's fans, because they helped Maharshi cross the records of all my films in a week. I can't do anything for your love except thanking you with folded hands" concluded Mahesh

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