USA Premieres...Maharshi Left Trade Stunned!

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Understandably, There are humongous expectations on 'Maharshi' which happens to be the landmark flick of Mahesh Babu. Trade Circles expected massive openings for this biggie considering the wide release. Much to their shock, The response hasn't been great in Overseas.

'Maharshi' managed to collect just over half-a-million mark in USA with Wednesday premiers. Mahesh Babu has got the stature of generating $1 Million with premieres itself. Bother 'Bharat Ane Nenu' and 'Spyder' have been able to do so.

Although 'Maharshi' managed to get better screen count than Mahesh's previous projects, Collections have been very ordinary and that's something nobody expected to happen. A recovery of $510K in 228 Locations is all this 25th flick of Superstar could manage.

Forget about Non-Bahubali Record, 'Maharshi' failed to even make it to the Top 10 Highest Premiere Collections list. How would be the weekend revenue after such a disappointing start?

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