Cameraman Death: Nag Ashwin Asks KTR 'WHY'?

Yevade Subramanyam' Cinematographer Rakesh Erukulla met with a road mishap on Sunday. He passed away 3 hours later at the Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad.

Director Nag Ashwin shared the news on his Social Media handle. He complained that the death of one of the best Cinematographers in the state happened due to the carelessness of the Gandhi Hospital staff. He recalled Parents of the Rakesh pushing the stretcher in the Gandhi Hospital as there was nobody to help them.

Nag Ashwin told Rakesh could have been alive Today had if he was taken to any other hospital. 'My Sister worked at Gandhi Hospital and she says she can imagine. In the capital of a state, why can't we count on a government hospital to rush to save a life. Sunday or any day. What can we do KTR sir to make sure that the word 'government hospital' need not be synonymous with carelessness and death. My friend was easily one of the best cameramen we have in the state. I don't know whom else to ask sir. Nobody should die needlessly'.

IT Minister KTR replied: I am really sorry you lost your friend Nag. My condolences to his family & friends. While the hospital says the patient was brought in a really bad shape, I am sure there are lots of improvements needed in our hospitals & assure you that we’ll make this a top priority next'.

A short while ago, Nag Ashwin expressed his anguish over the negligence of State Government over the deaths happening in Government Hospitals: 'Before TRS, There was Congress and before that TDP...same situation. Not everything is about politics or elections!! Its about how we are ok with Govt Hospital deaths. I asked KTR garu because he has the power to make change and is the only politician I know who reacts and responds'.