BJP's Trust Vote: Independents, Small Parties Crucial!

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BJP Government in Maharashtra has to prove its majority in the Assembly during the Trust Vote. While the Saffron Party won 105 seats in the recent elections, It requires another 40 MLAs support to continue in power.

Ajit Pawar who split NCP to support BJP in exchange of Deputy CM Post have 11 MLAs. BJP thought of winning the Vote of Confidence with 11 MLAs in Ajit Pawar's group, Independents and Small Parties. Much to the shock of BJP, 7 MLAs who walked in the path shown by Ajit Pawar returned to NCP Camp after Sharad Pawar issued an ultimatum.

As of now, The tally is just 109 (BJP 105, Ajit Pawar 4). How does BJP gain the support of another 36 MLAs? In Maharashtra, There are 11 Independents and 16 MLAs belonging to smaller parties. These Legislators might play a crucial role in establishing a stable government. BJP falls short of 9 Seats even if these 27 MLAs extend support to it.

On the other hand, NCP, Congress and Shiv Sena are determined to defeat BJP in the trust vote. 5 MLAs of MIM (2), SP (2) and CPM (1) won't support BJP at any cost.
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